Saturday, November 29, 2008

Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

back on program

today I am back on program, stayed on food plan, although dreaming of more pumpkin pie, managed to walk around the block once, the dogs made me do it, and attemted the bellydancing yoga fusion on tv, that was very interesting, and it damm it was hard to do, I felt really stiff, but I will try it again.

the day after

yeah, it was a bust yesterday but not so bad, I did have leftovers and more pumpkin pie, back on program tomrrow.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

away for the holiday

well I've maintained my loss, but you know what's gong to happen this week, you know I am human, so I will enjoy myself this week, and back on tract friday, will try to keep carbs low , enjoy the turkey and mashers

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3rd day minus 1/2 lb

yes, success down another 1/2 pound, total 1/5 down
breakfast: egg whites, turkey sausage

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2nd day, down 1 lb yeah

The scale has started to move , down lb this morning to 240.5,,, a lot of this will be water weight in the beginning, but it's a start
breakfast: herring slices, cottage cheese, black coffee
lunch: chopped liver salad, 1oz cheese, pickle
dinner: quiche -brocoli and chedder, hummus, pickel, sauerkraut
I feel slightly hungry and not very satified, and a little irritable, I think I am withdrawing from sugar

Monday, November 17, 2008

The first day of the journey

Well, this is it, I decided yesterday that this way of life-grr-being fat, being overweight has just not been working, I did to lose 35lbs last yeamanage r, and maintained within 5lbs until june of this year when my beloved dog gabby decided he wanted to be an angel instead, little did he know I would gain so much weight with his passing, maybe he would still be here.
So this is the beginning of this journey, and yes I need help and accountability, and I encourage everyone to join me, to lose weight, gain health, and feel better,
I will be posting my daily stats, food choices, weight loss, weight gain, excercise, and tips
so my starting weight is 241.5
my measurements are waist 39, hips 38 , stomach 53, I am probably a size 16 now,

today's grocery trip:
eggs,turkey ham, seafood salad, chicken salad, asparugus, string beans, sauerkraut, nuts, cheese, tuna, sugar fee pudding, (yeah I know but I needed something)so I am stocked pretty good I think

well it's obvious I do low carb, so no low carb haters here,
I had the most success last year with kimkins, but I do a modified version, more similiar the the stillman diet,(I will add the link)

what I"ve eaten so far today:
3 strips turkey bacon, 2 egg whites, nuts, chicken fajita,

quarts water
walked 8 blocks
dinner: pork burger, 1oz cheese, hummus, sauerkraut, sugar fee jello some whip cream